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Trust Tamperlock. The New Luggage Lock!

Travel Safely with Tamperlock's Luggage Locking System

Tamperlock is a tamper-evident luggage locking system that cannot be opened without leaving clear, obvious signs of tampering. Nothing can be inserted or removed from your suitcase without your knowledge. Only airport security personnel are authorized to open passenger baggage. If your checked bag is opened for a physical search, a “Notification of Checked Baggage Inspection” card will be placed inside.

TSA reports 14,000 claims filed with the agency each year for missing items.

Since 2002, the TSA reported that 513 employees have been terminated for theft.

On average, 12,255 laptops are lost every week in U.S airports.

At JFK airport alone, more than 200 items are stolen every day from checked baggage.


Baggage theft is a common occurrence whether travelling by land, air or sea. Many people choose generic luggage locks to protect their bags, however, they do little to safeguard bags from thieves. Bags can be easily opened without removing the lock and items can be removed or inserted without any noticeable difference to the bag itself.

Tamperlock Luggage Security Labels are a new kind of luggage lock that employs the same technology utilized to protect cash in transit for banks and armored carriers worldwide. With Tamperlock, the label cannot be removed without leaving evidence. You’ll know the instant you retrieve your luggage if its been opened and if anyone has attempted to tamper with your possessions. Each label also has its own serial number; therefore, it cannot be replaced with a different label.

If your Tamperlock Security Label does not show any signs of tampering, you can rest assured the integrity of your baggage has not been breached. If the message “OPENED” appears on your Tamperlock Security Label, the airline security should be notified immediately.

Tamperlock is different because…

It cannot be removed and reapplied without visible evidence. Even extreme temperature (heat or cold) cannot unstick the adhesive. If anyone attempts to use these measures, visible signs will be appear on the label.

People that have never experienced theft issues while traveling are less likely to fully comprehend the true value in protecting their luggage. However, luggage theft is far more prevalent than people think. It only takes one incident for someone’s entire world to be thrown off balance. Tamperlock is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to lock your luggage and to safeguard your valuables.


This same technology has been adapted for travelers' needs. Tamperlock finished installation. The zipper slider is secure and cannot be moved unless you break the Tamperlock seal.