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About TamperLock

Easily control tampering of your valuables

Tamperlock luggage security labels were developed as a complement to our Tamperguard line of security tapes and labels, to protect luggage from theft during travel. We have over a decade of experience manufacturing highly sophisticated tamper evident security tape which is used in the demanding currency transfer bag industry. Tamperlock is committed to providing the most secure yet unconventional travel lock for luggage in the travel industry. Behind Tamperlock is our dedicated team of professionals who have designed, tested and produced this unique product right from our Canadian facilities.

History of Tamperlock

Tamperlock luggage security labels came to be when a foreign government came to us to solve a problem they were having with luggage being tampered with while moving through their airports. There were lots of complaints and they were at a loss with how to resolve this issue. They tried the traditional travel locks but soon realized those were of little use in protecting luggage. They were looking for a solution that was inexpensive, easy to use and lightweight. Through research on luggage theft it became clear that this problem, which is prevalent worldwide, required a product that was unlike anything else on the market, and so Tamperlock was developed. 


Tamperlock protects you by:

        1. Safeguarding your valuables from theft during travel
        2. Deterring thieves from targeting your luggage
        3. Leaves evidence of tampering should an attempt be made


While traveling, it is very important to always keep your guard up. Travelers are often targets for thieves, therefore it is best to take proper precautions before embarking on your journey. How many times have you heard stories about people’s luggage being tampered with or their items stolen from hotel rooms? When you are on vacation, this is a time for you to relax. Tamperlock’s luggage lock takes the worry out of your experience and keeps the thieves at bay. Trust Tamperlock the next time you travel!


Tamperlock at work

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