Tamperguard: The Safest Way to Travel!

Why Choose Tamperlock

Tamperlock is a tamper proof seal made specifically for luggage that can eliminate theft and deter the wrong people from interfering with your belongings. It discourages thieves by locking zippers in place so that the sliders can only move a few inches, leaving no way to repair a broken zipper.


Most luggage zippers are made of plastic, which can be easily split open by inserting a pen inside the zipper. The zipper opens instantly, leaving valuable content vulnerable to theft. Normally the zipper can be zipped up again by simply moving the slider across the opened area without any visible signs of tampering. Drug smugglers and thieves are aware of this devious method of accessing your belongings.  With Tamperlock’s luggage security labels and tamper proof seal technology, the zipper cannot be zipped back up without the label showing signs of forced entry.


Watch this video for a demonstration.


Put a stop to this otherwise easy technique that can lead to a ruined vacation or even worse, possibly an arrest for drug possession. Make sure your luggage is not the obvious choice for thieves. Bags with no protection at all are what thieves target first. Be proactive, protect yourself and your precious belongings and have peace of mind when traveling.


Check out this video of baggage handlers caught stealing from the cargo bay of an airliner at Rome airport. Unfortunately, none of these passengers were equipped with Tamperlock tamper proof seals, and were therefore not aware of any mishandling until it was too late. Thankfully the baggage handlers were apprehended.


Tamperlock’s seal displays clear evidence of any attempt to remove the label. Use of a Tamperlock luggage security label deters theft and malicious tampering and assures passengers that they are protected when their luggage is not in sight. 


Tamper proof seals protect at any temperature

Only Tamerlock’s tamper proof seal can provide clear and obvious evidence when removal of the label is attempted, by any method. Your luggage and its contents are valuable, and criminals are creative. The appearance of a hidden message (the word “OPENED”) will indicate any removal attempt by heating or freezing.


Tamperlock delivers complete luggage security. There is no way to open a bag or luggage protected by Tamperlock without leaving clear, visible proof of tampering. It’s the tamper proof seal that is guaranteed to work! Unlike other products on the market, Tamperlock cannot be peeled and reapplied nor can extreme temperatures be used to defeat the adhesive without leaving evidence. Other products on the market cannot make these same claims.


Tamperlock is cost effective and easy to carry. It can also be used in hotel rooms when the safe provided by the establishment is too small. Place your laptop, important work documents and anything else you want to safeguard into your luggage and lock the suitcase with your Tamperlock luggage security label to ensure no one accesses your bag without your knowledge. You’ll feel secure knowing your valuables are safe.


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