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Tampering involves conscious modifying of an item, in this case luggage. There are many tamper evident solutions that exist to help stop this from happening, however, in order for a solution to be considered "tamper proof" many considerations need to be addressed:


  • Identify potential thieves and what their level of knowledge might be of luggage theft
  • Identify all possible techniques this person might use to gain unauthorized access to a bag. On top of the primary means of entry, it is also important to consider secondary methods.
  • Add tamper-evident features to show signs of tampering
  • Make the tamper evident seal laborious to figure out
  • Educate people on the different signs of tampering
  • Consider length of time available for tampering. Anyone with the intention of tampering with a tamper-evident seal, usually only has a small window of opportunity before being discovered. This makes it both difficult and unlikely that they will have time to open the bag, remove items, and restore it to its untampered state.


What does tamper evident mean?
Tamper evident lets you know if your luggage has been opened and if so where the security breach exists.


History of Tamper Evident Seals

Tamper-evident devices have been around since ancient times, such as wax seals to indicate whether a letter has been opened since the time it was dispatched. 


We see this practice continuing today. Therefore, it is no surprise that the travel industry would recognize the need for a tamper evident seal to protect passengers’ luggage from theft, in the form of Tamperlock Luggage Security labels.


If someone attempts to peel, heat, or freeze the seals, a clear indicator is transferred and any attempt at tampering becomes obvious. Each label contains a hidden indicator message «OPENED». Once this hidden indicator is triggered the tamper labels cannot be properly reapplied.


Tamper-evident seals are perhaps most prominent in product packaging and labelling, where it is fundamental to know that the product has not been touched since leaving the manufacturer.


Would you want to buy cans of baby food knowing there was a potential for tampering?  For the same reasons that tamper evident seals are placed on food products, it is important to know that now the same technology exists to protect bags during travel.


Need more reasons why? Check out this news article on a luggage theft ring at LAX.


Busted: Police allege LAX theft ring stole from luggage USA Today.


Several employees responsible for handling passengers' luggage have been arrested after a months-long investigation into thefts at Los Angeles International Airport. Police allege that the workers stole from fliers' luggage both inside the terminal and as bags were being transported across the airport grounds.


Click here for the full story.

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