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How TamperLock Works

Tamperlock luggage security labels discourage thieves by locking zippers in place so that the sliders can only move a few inches, leaving no way to repair a broken zipper. There is no way to remove the security label from the luggage handle without leaving clear and obvious signs of tampering. Each label’s unique serial number prevents it from being switched. Regular suitcase locks cannot offer this security.


Tamperlock Installation Instructions

  1. Each security label comes with one orange tie wrap
  2. Insert the tie wrap through the small hole on the label
  3. Bring the label through the handle on your luggage
  4. Thread the tie wrap through both zipper sliders on your luggage
  5. Ensure the tie wrap is properly closed
  6. Remove the end of the liner’s paper to expose the adhesive underneath
  7. Seal the exposed adhesive to the other end of the label covering the tie wrap underneath it
  8. Try moving the zipper. You will notice it can only move slightly to the right or left, leaving a thief no way to repair a zipper that has been opened with a pen.
  9. Always remember to save your receipt which has a unique number. Should the number on the receipt not match the number on the Tamperlock label protecting your bag, you know your luggage has been tampered with.


See video demonstration.


Tamperlock installed – These inexpensive and distinct labels are easy to apply on travelers’ bags and have many advantages. The zipper slider is secure and cannot be moved unless you break the Tamperlock seal. Makes a new and innovative suitcase lock.


Criminals typically take the easiest route. Just as an unlocked car is more attractive to a thief, the unprotected bag is easy prey. With the simple application of a Tamperlock label, in lieu of a regular suitcase lock, the bag becomes impossible to open without leaving signs of tampering.


These labels secure luggage far better than a traditional key or combination lock. Bags protected by standard locks be can easily opened without the lock ever being removed.


While traveling, it is very important to always keep your guard up. Travelers are often targets for thieves, therefore it is best to take proper precautions before embarking on your journey. How many times have you heard stories about people’s luggage being tampered with or their items stolen from hotel rooms? When you are on vacation, this is a time for you to relax. Tamperlock’s luggage lock takes the worry out of your experience and keeps the thieves at bay. Trust Tamperlock the next time you travel!


Need more convincing? Check out this news story on luggage issues that the Jamaican bobsled team faces on their way to Sochi.


The Jamaican bobsled team’s luggage issues on route to Sochi

Mail Online


The Jamaicans, who qualified for the first time since 2002, couldn't train on Wednesday because they arrived ahead of their luggage, which was on a later flight to Russia.

The team got its gear around midnight, enabling them to take part in the second day of 'unofficial' training. It wasn't until the Jamaicans got to the track that they realized their belongings had been tampered with. 


Click here for the full story.


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