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Baggage handler theft prevails

Baggage Handler Theft Prevails

For many people, travelling causes high levels of stress and discomfort. Passing through customs, long security check lines, the possibility of baggage loss and the idea of flying overseas are all a part of the travel anxiety. But what about baggage theft? Most travellers already have so much on their mind that the idea of robbery is the least of their concerns. However, incidents of luggage theft in major airports are much more prevalent than we think.

In fact, a recent article from The Portugal News discusses the arrest of several baggage handlers at the Lisbon airport on July 15th. These airport employees had repeatedly stolen valuable items such as electronics, jewelry, watches, glasses, and cash from easily accessible luggages in the planes’ holds. You can read the full article here: http://bit.ly/29WmPzD

It’s unfortunate that the people we should be trusting to make the travelling process as smooth as possible are actually only adding to the stress and anxiety. However, this is the reality of the world we live today. For this reason, it is important that we take matters into our own hands, in order to protect ourselves and our belongings. Tamperlock security labels are a great way to provide you with peace of mind. The simple fact that the label cannot be removed and reapplied without visible evidence may deter thieves from attempting to open the luggage in the first place. More importantly, if you claim your luggage and the label has been ruptured, you can immediately report the incident to airport security.

As a traveler, you already have a multitude of things to worry about, don’t let baggage theft be one of them.

CCTV Footage of Baggage Handler Stealing


Imagine coming home after a long flight only to find that your luggage has been rummaged through and some items are missing. That was the case of a woman travelling from Dubai to New Delhi who got home to find her jewelry was missing from the luggage she had checked at the Dubai airport. Two men working at Indira Gandhi International Airport were caught by CCTV footage and found to have been stealing valuables from passengers’ luggage. The video footage shows the two men, unaware that they are being filmed, going through passengers’ luggage when they should have been simply unloading the plane. One of the accused men can even be seen cutting a bag open with a cutter to steal jewelry. After being arrested by the police, the two thieves admitted to stealing jewelry and other valuables from other passengers in the past.

Watch the video here.

Unfortunately, this is not the only case of baggage handlers stealing valuable possessions within airports. A Man in Charlotte, North Carolina was arrested for stealing an LG tablet from a bag checked on a Frontier Airlines flight to Orlando, Florida, in June. Another Case of stolen valuables was in Columbus, Ohio, where two baggage handlers stole a man’s MacBook. The man said he noticed that the locks on his bag had been changed and all the boxes in his luggage had been opened and moved around. The two thieves were found to have stolen many valuable items including a handgun, camera equipment, jewelry and branded headphones.

We all assume that once our baggage is checked at the airport, it is in the right hands and is safe. However is always the risk of someone taking advantage of the situation, especially if they think they can’t get caught. With Tamperlock’s special seal, you can know immediately if your luggage has been opened without your permission. This allows you to have peace of mind as you travel and avoid the added stress of potential valuable losses from theft at the airport.

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Tamperlock Luggage Safety Tips

Luggage Safety Tips

The reality of traveling, no matter how you want to cut the cake, is that you’re putting blind trust into all the working parts of the airports and airlines to ensure your checked luggage gets from point a to point b unscathed. However, looks can be deceiving when your luggage looks intact on the outside, yet hollow on the inside. Don’t be left wondering if you were a victim of theft or doubting yourself since your luggage did not use the conveyor belt as a treadmill to lose weight. With a limited amount of time these workers have to pull off the heist, don’t make it easy for them, and take the necessary precautions to avoid being an easy target.

Just recently, there was an incident at the Orlando International Airport, where two baggage handlers were caught on video stealing from a passenger’s checked luggage. They admitted to waiting for the bags to be checked before crawling onto the conveyor belt to go after it, and see if there were any valuables to pocket, which in this case was an Apple MacBook Pro. Once you check your luggage and watch it slide down the conveyor belt, there is always the possibility for a greedy worker to take advantage of his position and steal your possessions.

If you know your rights as a human, you should know your rights as a traveler based on the Montreal Convention, an international treaty to protect the rights of passengers when flying. It is also important to understand the specific airline tariffs that may vary, but can never be lower than the amount stated for compensation within the Montreal Convention. Not all airlines have the same protocols when it comes to reimbursing or compensating your losses. Air Canada, for example, does not give any compensation under any circumstance for jewellery, electronics, money, and other valuable items. Although you will never be reimbursed the full amount, always write a claim to the airline and airport. Be patient if ever you think you have been a victim of theft, and take the necessary precautions to avoid being a target at all.

First and foremost, put as many items you hold near or dear or that carry a hefty price tag in your carry on or simply leave it at home. Secondly use Tamperlock as the solution to protect and prove if your luggage was ever tampered with. Tamperlock uses a tamper evident seal, so if anyone tries to take the time to try bust through your luggage, they will never succeed without your knowledge. If anyone attempts to peel, heat, or freeze the seal for entry, the label will indicate a hidden “opened” message. You will know your luggage has been tampered with immediately upon pickup after your flight. Although it does not necessarily avoid the possibility of theft, it creates an extra layer of difficulty and gives you the requisite proof you need to take the next steps that lead to compensation. Would you rather pay as a precaution for your safety, or start your vacation in debt?


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