Tamperlock Free OfferTravel with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your luggage has not been tampered with. Nothing can be removed from, or put into your suitcase without leaving clear and obvious evidence. Only airport security is allowed to open passenger baggage, and they always leave notification of the inspection. When you retrieve your luggage, Tamperlock will immediately tell you if anybody has attempted to tamper with your possessions. If your Tamperlock Security Label does not show any of the signs of tampering, then you can rest assured the integrity of your baggage has not been breached. If the message “OPENED” appears on your Tamperlock Security Label, airline security should be notified immediately.

Our Tamperlock Security Labels employ the same technology we utilize to protect cash in transit for banks and armored carriers worldwide.



Insert tie wrap...Remove Liner...Place Label... Save Receipt...Voilà, your luggage is safe!




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Tamperlock Pack It List





Signs of Tampering

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